won't buy meat anywhere else! Usually very busy, especially in season, but worth the wait. You can call in orders ahead. Love this place!
— Cathy M
h my gosh, where to begin? The staff is unbelievable friendly, attentive and knowlegeable. Sausages, bologna,frankfurters, kielbasa and brats are made on the premises.
They smoke their own hams. Ask about the schnitzel....They grind the hamburger on premises as well.
Try a pretzel roll with black forest ham, dill havarti and spicy mustard. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Clean, no hormones, no preservatives in the bologna. Outstanding. They will freezer wrap or vacuum seal your meats as well. We always take some home to Maine with us.
As far as I am concerned, this is a "do not miss" place!
— Barbara G
My first time there today. Service is outstanding. Best weiners ive had in years. The pretzel rolls are amazing. Love this place. Well worth the 25 min drive !!!!
— David B
Don't believe the outlier review: this place is tops! This is a German butcher with plenty of German processed specialties near the front, but you have to wander to the back to see the ample beef, pork, chicken and sausage selection. I've bought most every cut; I highly recommend the pork country ribs: the best meat for the best price! Yum. But everything you get here is fresh and much cheaper than Publix. I don't think you'll go wrong. The service is friendly, but there could be a bit of a wait during tourist season: just about everyone will be talking German!
— Richard W
Our favorite butcher - any time we are remotely close we stop to stock up on the best bologna, Leberkase, wurst and German treats! And even if we are not remotely close, ... road trip!
— Debby F
A friend recommended this deli specifically for the meat. We went, we ordered, we ate. Right off Tamiami look for it or you'll miss it. We ordered a pound of ground round, 2 thick in-bone pork chops, and some salted pork. The bill was $11.00. I had the checker check the bill again because I thought she forgot to charge me for something. Nope, very impressed with the prices. The bbq'd burgers were delicious, the pan fried pork chops were juicy and meaty (2" thick) and the salted pork worked well in my Caldo Gallego. We can't wait to return.
— Katalina Q